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Property Tax Consulting
Bond & Pecaro is very active in the area of property taxation, particularly with respect to cable television. Among common issues faced by taxpayers are the amount of taxable property they own and the fair market value of that property. By inspecting and documenting the amount, nature, and condition of taxable property present at a business, the Bond & Pecaro staff is able to present pertinent evidence and render informed opinions in assessment appeals hearings and other property tax litigation.
We have substantial experience in supporting property tax positions related to media, technology, and telecommunications real and personal property.  Experts from Bond & Pecaro have prepared appraisal reports and testified in connection with the tangible assets of cable television systems, broadcasting properties, wireless providers, CLECs, newspaper and magazine publishers, cable program networks, satellite broadcasters, ISPs, data centers, and similar specialized technical facilities.  Our success in supporting the conclusions reached in our expert reports in both assessment hearings and litigation has been extraordinary.
Bond & Pecaro also has a wealth of experience in supporting taxpayers in disputes regarding the assessment of possessory interests by local and state assessors.  We have worked alongside legal counsel in the preparation of appraisal reports successfully supporting client tax positions relating to cable television aerial and underground installations, broadcast and wireless tower sites, telephone and power line corridors, fiber-optic cable, and similar uses of public property and rights-of-way by media, telecommunications, and technology companies.  Our successes with both local appeals boards and state assessors have saved our clients hundreds of millions of dollars in ad valorem taxes.
If you have any questions about property tax litigation support, the valuation of specialized technical assets for property tax purposes, or the valuation of possessory interests, please feel free to contact Tim Pecaro of Bond & Pecaro for additional information.