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Business Services

Provides Unparalleled Comprehensive Services

In a dynamic marketplace, businesses need to be able to make informed choices based on their individual circumstances. Bond & Pecaro provides it clients with the necessary expertise to make sense of often conflicting information. For over two decades, the company has set the standard for providing unparalleled comprehensive services and up-to-date support for companies, from the development of an original business plan to assisting the design and implementation of strategic goals. 

Feasibility Studies and Business Plans

Bond & Pecaro develops feasibility studies and business plans that are economic analysis of start-up ventures. These studies include estimates of capital expenditures, investment recovery periods, and rates of return.

Analyses of this type can be employed for the acquisition of an existing business that is in a turn-around situation, or which otherwise requires substantial capital infusion. Feasibility studies also analyze the economics of new services or technologies.
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Business Plans: Prepared a business plan for the development and financing of an enhanced SMR telephone system serving one of the largest territories in the United States.

Feasibility Studies: Assisted an Internet media broker in a feasibility study and business plan development to obtain equity financing.